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1296 MHz Antenna for SOTA?


I would expect absorption and scattering to be greater with the tree material parallel with the electric field. I no longer have access to the neat little kit that we used to teach this sort of thing.

As I recall the students all assumed that our parallel wire grid acted as a cage to keep the waves in rather than warming up as an absorber. Perhaps someone is still teaching this and can give a proper experimental answer.


PS lovely piece of work that wood based Yagi antenna Andrew illustrated; no idea which Andrew or where I found that, so commenting here,


Thanks Rod for the feedback, yep I had lots of fun fabricating the yagi. Link to my blog below.

Cheers, Andrew VK1AD ex (VK1NAM)


Hi Matt, that’s right, I was looking for a break in the trees. I set up about 7 vertical metres below the top boulder. The 25 metre AZ is halfway down the trail before exiting on to North Black Fire Trail. Loads of vertical space to find the best signal path out of the scrub.



Thank you for the link, Andrew. I will get out some tools and have a go.


She’s not much of a beauty but wears all the copper well. :wink:



Nice work Pom, well done :slight_smile: