ZS 20 SOTA Celebrations

On 1 January 2023, the South Africa SOTA Association celebrated their 20th birthday.

The plan is to celebrate this milestone on February 18, 2023. Several activators will be operating from different summits within the different regions

A unique certification will be awarded to activators & chasers who participate in this event.

Hoping to have DX contacts on 10 & 15M


Hello Sid,

thanks for the heads up! There are quite a few alerts on SOTAwatch from ZS for Saturday, 7:00 utc. I can imagine that it’s getting hot on your end and that’s why you start activating that early.
I’m thinking about doing an activation from a summit with good take-off towards the south but I won’t be QRV before 9:00 utc.
Is there any chance that someone will still be QRV for an S2S? I might set up a VDA for 15m to inrcrease chances.

73, Roman

Thanks for three S2S QSOs @ZS5AYC @ZS5APT @ZS5LS! 15m didn’t work but 10m was in good shape and your signal was received here RST 43 with deep QSB.
I was running 15 watts from my KX3 into a J-Pole antenna for 10m.

Happy birthday SOTA South Africa :partying_face: :tada: :champagne:

Strong winds and approx. 7°C on DM/BW-147 today.

73, Roman