Zombie HT!

This is Zombie HT™. Last June, I activated Harris Mesa W5N/NL-004 and some how forgot to pack up my venerable VX-8GR before leaving the area I was sitting during my activation. WB5USB was with me and went back later that week to try and find it. He did not. Last Sunday, we returned to activate this summit for 2016. I returned to the same tree I sat under last time and looked over to see the top 4" of the antenna sticking out of about a food of snow. I removed the battery, took it home, and put it in a sealed bowl of rice for 3 days. The battery was toast-it will not hold a charge but my spare backup battery allowed it to power up just fine!!! The Zombie HT lives! It withstood inches and inches of NM summer monsoon rains and the cold freezing snow and still works. I have since purchased a TH-D72A which I like better but I am keeping Zombie HT as a backup.


great story. I always worry about leaving something behind on a summit and have to go back.
Sometimes I hide my vehicle keys near by and not take them to a summit on a big walk.
I have the vx8g I was intending to use it for APRS but I could not get any access to the system most of the time. I now use an App on my phone APRStrack which works fine . I have only tested it doing bike rides but do intend to use it this coming SOTA hike season. Enjoy the new Kenwood.
Ian CZ ee

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Now that is a lucky find and a damn good recommendation for the radio that it can withstand that time in the elements and still function - albeit with a different battery.

Adan VK1FJAW was recently reunited with his HT (one of those horrible cheap and nasty chinese ones) that he lost whilst returning from an activation on one of the local hills. The return of his radio was a little different in that a non amateur found it. Apparently he turned it on and saw the callsign come up on the startup screen, did an online search to find information on the callsign, contacted Adan and returned it!


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What a great story and what a commendation for the rig.

The Australian Alps are littered with squid pole rubber bungs.

There is at least one hand held and enough other stuff hiding out there for a good activation if you had a charged battery.


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A good luck story and I dread the day I leave something at a remote hard to get to summit.
Particulary if a storm comes over and there is a hasty departure. Bright colours on things would be the thing for seeing small items in dim light.

Car keys are a worry and am glad of the Camelback pack which has a pocket with key clip.

Cheers, Nick

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