ZL SOTA Report for December 2015

The first SOTA New Zealand report, for December 2015, has been forwarded by Warren ZL2AJ and has been inserted in part 2 of the January edition of SOTA News, following the USA report.

SOTA News Editor
3rd January 2016 1400z

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Nice to have a report from ZL. With ZL, VK and JA live there is a nice sustainable SOTA eco-system out east for the sunspot minimum.

Exactly my thoughts Richard. They have E51, 9V and FR as well. I’m sure there will be some more Pacific DX locations added to the associations given time.

I didn’t think there was never going to be a Spratly Association. But the way our friends from BY-land are terra-forming the region, they may well make a few P150 hills to use up any spare material they have! :open_mouth:

I suspect FR is more one for N-S propagation into Europe than to APAC. That said, all those 10 pointers unactivated…

New Caledonia would be a good one - prime SOTA country from the looks of it, and likely has wife approval. Is that me volunteering?


I looked at holidays in FR with the idea of some SOTAing. The cost is considerably more than more typical destinations for Europeans (Canaries, Madeira, Azores, Mediterranean etc.)

How about 9M6, Mt Kinabalu is waiting.

Would be good to have an excuse to climb it again. Did it in 89 when my older kids were teenagers.