Z35BY/P from EM-025 instead of EM-035


I noticed that there is mistake - how I was spotted yesterday. I worked form Z3/EM-025 but in the spot I see that EM-035 is listed. I clearly state the refference on every a couple of QSO-s but I noticed during work that many operators rely more on the spots than on the frequency so I am afraid that some shasers can declare wrong summit.

Please note that on Sunday 27 Nov 2011 at 12:33 I worked from Z3/EM-025.

Thank you and see you again on freq this weekend and monday.

Z35BY (/P)

In reply to Z35BY:

Dear Damjan,

sorry for spotting Z3/EM-35 instead of Z3/EM-25. Probably I qsy-ed too early back to SV2KGA/p on 14.285 MHz to notice my error. Thank you very much for clarifying this on Sotawatch.

Sorry to all chasers relying on the wrong reference from my spot.

73 de Michael, DB7MM