YouTube sights and sounds: BX2ABT's 10th activation

Start your weekend with a relaxing video of my latest activation. Sit back, put up your feet and join me from your comfy chair when I conquer Shamao Mountain and work the world.

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Hello Hans,

Thanks for taking me along your activation. Nice so see the dense green forest and views from the top.
Also some CW to follow along is always a good training :+1:

In general I see that the camera of your phone has a good sharpness and image quality from my point of view. Sometimes the focus “bumps” in a weird way I guess with the autofocus re-adjusting. Not sure if this can be changed in the settings somehow in the camera menu?

And thanks for sharing the info on the software “Shortcut”. Looks quite nice feature wise. Did you use the software video stabilization of Shortcut in addition or rely on the new gimbal?

Looking forward to more adventures!

73 Joe


Nice video! Thanks for sharing! Sure wish I could hear you in far eastern NC. Maybe someday.

Kent K9EZ

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In the apps I use you can lock the autofocus and exposure and that is almost mandatory when shooting video. The problem was that in bright sunlight I can’t really see the screen of my phone clearly. The locking icon is so tiny that it’s easy to miss, so I have to double check from now on.

I forgot to write that I use a Xiaomi A1, with a screen that produces some 550 nits. In bright sunlight that is not enough, so I hope my next phone will have an AMOLED screen, which are even brighter.

I didn’t use the software stabilization in Shotcut, only the gimbal. For some shots I took multiple takes and the one that was most stable I used. I think the better the original the less you have to do in post production, the more time you save.

Glad you liked the video. Quite a bit different from SOTA in Austria, isn’t it?

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