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Yodeler Status

Hello Esteemed SOTA Folk,

It seems (AFAICT) that there is no official award for achieving 1000 summit-to-summit points. While this is obviously easier than achieving Goat status, it seems like some recognition is in order. I propose calling such SOTAers “Yodelers” – you know because the S2S is like calling out to the mountains and getting an echo back :wink:

Another country heard from,
73 Eric KG6MZS


Hi Eric.

If you visit the SOTA Shop you will find there is an Award for 1000 s2s points. It is an embossed Silver sticker which forms part of the Summit to Summit Certificate starting with a Red embossed sticker for 250 s2s points.

Hope this helps.

73 Allan GW4VPX


Thanks Allan,

I had a feeling my dive into the shallow end, so to speak. My suggestion was a little tongue in cheek anyway.

Happy trails,


Hi Eric

No probs. S2S don’t always come easy and often result in long stays on summits with Search and Pounce tactics coming into play…I love it. Just another facet of SOTA.

Happy Christmas when it comes and stay safe.



S2S has been my challege for the year, which has resulted in a few marathon sessions. It is getting embarrassing, explaining to people that I don’t actually live on Shining Tor G/SP-004 . However no matter how many times I activate a summit, I do realise that I have a lot to go to challenge M1EYP on the Cloud and 2E0YYY on Shining Tor! :slight_smile: I am looking forward to January 1st for a rest!

Talking of new awards, I do think there should be a new category for EU activators, The Manuel Award…


We are pretty lucky here in the Los Angeles basin – the geography is such that a large SOTA community is ringed by a lot of very juicy summits. On any given Saturday an activator is more than likely to work multiple S2S contacts. Even one with as little patience as I possess. I’ve only been into this fine program for a year and a half and have managed 1,033 S2S points while my activator points lag at an even 400.

73 Eric KG6MZS


EA2DT? For me it could equally be the Don/Ken/Allan or several others Award. Friendly voices who are out there seemingly all the time. Makes my day speaking to the regulars (and the irregulars too!).


Actually the thousand point S2S mascot probably needs to be an animal like a goat or a sloth to keep the theme going. So no yodeler. :frowning:

Certificate available for 250 points upwards:


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