YO8SEP/P Activation Report: YO/EC-008 also Flora&Fauna YOFF-379 on 2015.05.12-13

Last weekend me, XYL and my son combined our hobies: hiking, geocaching, SOTA, YO Flora&Fauna and had a great time in Piatra Mare (Great Stone) Mountain.

We started our hike on Friday after driving 5-6 hours early morning.

After passing through the “7 Stairs Canyon” we arrived at the “Piatra Mare” Chalet

After a short break we continued our hike to Piara Mare

While I was activating SOTA, my XYL and some were doing some Geocaching and taking photos

Weather changed quite fast, two black clouds started to come from left and right side accompanied by some thunder

So, we decided to pack everything and go back down where some juice and beer were waiting for us on the small creek

In the evening we had a nice camp fire:

Saturday we had our Hiking Contest, Family category and we nailed it. Got 1st place :smile:

It was a nice family weekend with Hamradio, Geocaching, Hiking and good time.

PS: Logs uploaded to SOTA database and eQSL. Custom eQSL card created:


Hello Petronel,

What a great report and very good photos. I see the donkeys took the strain.
Well done you and the others.
Mike :smiley:

Thanks Mike,

The donkeys are owned by YO6HSH who is the owner of “Piatra Mare” Chalet. We saw them on our descent, carrying supplies to the Chalet.

If I didn’t had to drive over 200km for any summit maybe it was a good idea to have a goat/donkey carry the gear :smile: That way I could operate with more than 5-10W on a fishpole antenna (Not that I have any other transceiver/linear capable of more power, hi)

Also it seems that my last activations were 5-6 hours drive + 5-6 hours hike, usually over 1000m altitude difference.


Hi Petronel, well we know a person who travels with their goats :wink: so I suppose it depends if your car will fit a goat or two! 10w to my ears works well. Anyway thanks very much for the FF and SOTA activations.

Hello Petronel.
Thx for this nice report and photos.
No luck with wx but you did it.
Best 73
Andre f5ukl