YO8SEP/P activated YO/EC-068 Grinties

This weekend I was part of a team that repainted some trail markings. And because we camped just near the YO/EC-068 I’ve decided to get my SOTA gear and activate the summit if I had time.
I knew there was a contest on 20m band so I’ve decided to try to activate on 14.310 Mhz or try the 18Mhz later.
It was already sunset 1715z when I was on the air and I’ve responded to EG5CVF’s call.
Tried to spot myself, but phone battery just died. I’ve decided to scan the upper portion of the 20m band and made another 2 QSO in 15 minutes… Started to CQ SOTA on 14.310 hoping that someone will spot me. After 20 minutes with no response I’ve decided to go back to my tent and bring an external USB power to charge my phone and spot myself.

After spotting myself I’ve made about 20 QSO with good reports. When no one else were responding my CQ , I;ve decided to end it for the day because was alredy dark 1820z and quite cold.

In the morning at about 0500z I’ve tried to activate again. Called for 20 minutes without success and decided it was too early for EU and probably had to low power (10W SSB) for VK or other DX.

Thank you to all chasers who responded my call and sorry for the ones I didn’t heard.


PS: Around 1749z I’ve made a contact with a station that in my log appear as DJ0XDJ/M 59 / 59. But that seems to be a wrong callsign. Might be a mistake I’ve done when writing or a misunderstood… If anyone recognize this QSO please send me an email or QSO.