YO SOTA Marathon 2017

The fourth edition of the YO SOTA Marathon will take place this year between 14th and 19th of August in the middle of the Apuseni mountains (YO/WC). 15 summits are proposed for activations, most of them being 8 points each one. The team will be the largest of all editions: 16 people of which 11 activators. Will make 2 or 3 different teams, depending of how many 4x4 cars we could find in due time. This year we have guests from OK, 3 well known activators.
Look for us in the bands, will try to offer SSB, CW and maybe also digital QSO’s. In SSB, due to the big number of activators, will switch very quick the operators to give the chance to qualify the summit for every activator. So, after 4 QSO’s will change the operator after the announcements in frequency. So please listen carefully for the correct callsigns. The last operator will work every chaser will call us. If the mobile network will be available we will spot every activation in real time, mentioning all the callsigns involved in activation.
Hope to meet you all in frequencies during the new YO SOTA Marathon!


Hello Bizzu,
I wish you and the group good wx and good propagation. I have fond memories of the YO SOTA Marathon I participated in two years ago. You were wonderful hosts!


Mny tnx Paul,
You was a perfect partner for our SOTA adventures and hope to do it agn with you this autumn, at least for the YO summit during your tour.
73 de YO2MSBizzu

Best wishes to everyone on the adventure :wink: Ears open here!
Good luck.

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Tnx Mike! I’m sure you will be again our best chaser and not only. Let’s say… a kind of “chasing supervisor”, 'cause in the past you did it at your best.

On behalf of the OK team, OK1BIL, OK1NP, OK1MLP:

We are looking forward!

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See you there on Sunday guys !

Razvan M0HZH / YO9IRF

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If you have only half of the fun we had in 2015 you will have a great YO SOTA Marathon 2017.
Hope you will have good weather.

73, Hans PB2T and Margreet K2XYL

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With SOTA partners like you & Margreet the fun is assured! :slight_smile:
Wish to have you both again as members of our team.

Have a good fun :slight_smile:
I will try to listen u.
73 Roger - F5LKW

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Merci beaucoup Roger! J’espère vous rencontrer dans les fréquences pendant le Marathon.

The YO SOTA Marathon started in very good conditions. We made three different teams because we have 12 activators, so you will see a lot of YO spots this week. It is the biggest YO SOTA Marathon ever. We offer QSO’s in SSB, CW, FT-8 on HF bands and local FM in VHF. We had also a lot of S2S between us. We use even two military transceivers for Pedestrian Mobile who can work in 50MHz band FM with 1W, brought by our colleagues from OK. VERY good audio quality, like BBC.
The weather is acceptable taking into account that we had strong thunderstorms over the weekend. Yesterday we had some problems with some heavy showers, but the weather will change and be good until Sunday when we will finish our Marathon.
Down here there are some pictures taken on the first two days with my team: Eva YO6EVA and Csaba YO6PIB.


The YO SOTA Marathon 2017 is now completed without any incident. We managed to perform a lot of activations during this week. After two rainy days the weather turns good on Friday and remains like this up to the end of the Marathon.
Many thanks to all the activators of the team, you were great partners and I really enjoy to be with you. I had a lot of fun and beautiful memories.
A big thanks goes also to the chasers, they made our life easier.
A special thanks goes to our host Charlie YO5AXF. His “ham radio guesthouse” placed right in the middle of the activation’s area was an excellent base of operations for the team, and the friendship and big help offered by Charlie and his wife Monica really impressed all the team of activators. We recommend gladly Charlie’s guesthouse for all the activators who want to go to YO/WC: http://www.podina.go.ro/index.html