Yeasu Ft 817nd settings

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“Well I certainly look forward to that Brian, but won’t hold my
breath, let’s hope they can find the summit next time.”

Mike, that was unworthy of you. On the Meet in Question seventeen
members arrived at the summit of Helvellyn around midnight and after
greeting the sunrise traversed Nethermost Pike and Dollywaggon Pike
getting back to the campsite for a late breakfast. I don’t see why you
should feel impelled to traduce them in this way but you certainly owe
them an apology.

Brian, I could have sworn that you reported back to us that they all turned back because of the safety aspect, although if I am wrong, then without a moments delay, sincere apologies to the group in question.

It’s just so hard to remember…went on? turned back? forgotten adapter, oh no, sorry, that was another time that I stayed on a summit until near midnight, and half of the UK sota chasers sat at their radios all night, wasn’t it? I wonder, who was the common denominator? both times. Hmmmm.

Anyway you seem to be dodging the original issue and changing your tac, so no point in continuing with this one.

Right, that’s it for me on this topic, my “handbag” is going back in the wardrobe, so go ahead, have the final word if it really floats you boat.

Very 73 Brian, I will listen for you on Tuesday from NW-062 as usual, wx permitting of course.


Well I’ve never had a trouble working Brian. He uses an almost identical setup to me. 817, 5W and only our antennas differ. Brian uses a tuner and doublet and I use a link tuned dipole.

Our reports each way are always similar. OK that’s not very scientific but it shows that the system used appears to work reliably. The only problem we ever have when in QSO is that with Brian located in a surburban environment, his noise level is higher and so my signal is often the same strength as the local noises. That’s the advantage of being up a mountain, it’s quiet electrically. Well usually it is.

I have a number of beacons for my operations on 60m. These include range in order of loudness from G0HNW,RAF Volmet,GW0VMZ,GW0DSP and G8ADD. Paul’s signal is always stunning and if it isn’t I know the activation will be a real struggle. Likewise if Brian is less than 52 I wont be working many others who run more power than he does.

I should also comment that Brian uses a Z match, which a number of tests have shown to have considerably less lossy than other tuner topologies. I still prefer the use of resonant antennas but I’d be interested in actually finding out the losses in the system and comparing them in the field rather than shouting at each other.

25 years of systems engineering has taught me that the difference between theory and practice in practice is much greater than the difference between theory and practice in theory!

I look forward to working both Brian and Mike this weekend when I get to play outside, even if it will be a bit damp again.


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OK leave it at that - waiting for me must have rankled but at least you didnt suffer a massed attack of kamikaze midges on the descent!

If I can persuade my driver to stir from the house next Tuesday I will endeavor to make it an S2S from one of the CEs or WBs. The 857 needs a summit baptism!


Brian G8ADD

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Hi, Andy, unfortunately I will be absent from 5 megs for a while, my new 857 cannot be opened with Widebander V4 so I have to decide between invalidating the warranty by going inside it with the soldering iron or paying a stiff fee to have it done by the shop!


Brian G8ADD

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Hi Andy, all understood and fine on your/Brians reports to each other, from Brian’s home QTH.

That is not the matter in question, the thread originally started about Gordon’s request for info re the FT 817 settings and what equipment to use from a summit.

You have to agree that with 5 watts from a summit that you have to do the utmost to prevent losses etc to maximise your chances of qualifying the summit.

Maybe we should all go back to 2m-fm and ssb, hi.

As for theory, lol, in theory the Bumble Bee can’t fly, but I guess the engineers forgot to mention it to the Bee.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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Hi Gordon

I used my '817 straight out of the box, and have had no adverse comments and a goodly number of compliments on my signals. Just put the required frequencies in the memories and away you go!

I liked my '817 so much that when I needed a back-up rig to take on expeditions to far flung places (didn’t want to travel hundreds of miles from home then not be able to operate!) I got another one rather than the '857 I was also considering, mainly on weight and current consumption grounds.

For the £20 - odd it costs, it’s well worth getting the rig broadbanded by the supplier - the new versions are not software broadbanding susceptible. Or maybe you’d enjoy ferreting around amongst all those SMD’s!

I use a 7Ah SLAB for power, lives in the rucksack with a (fused) wandering lead with non-reversible plug, makes powering up and charging easy and failsafe. Bit heavy, but good for 4-5 average activations between charges.

I so far have only used non-resonant antennas with tuners, both Z match and T match. Not noticed any difference in practice, but you can build a really light Z match with polyvaricons (see Norcal BLT). I’m building a resonant dipole for 60m, so will make some comparisons over the next few HF activations.

Can certainly recommend the SOTA beam, a remarkable antenna.

Good luck on the hills, look forward to catching you

73 de Paul G4MD

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Many thanks to all for there advice and comments & also the batteries and antenna advice.

The radio was used on my last activation GM/SS-234 Dumglow, with the settings advised and the results were great and i got 6hrs out the Portable bat pack
mostly working 2mtrs fm and 6mtrs fm using the Watson 627 mobile antenna on the fibreglass mast @5mtrs.

Before i had to call it a day sadly. As it was a great site and a nice day to be at one with the yeasu 817 hi hi (I WOULD RECOMMENT THE NIFTY MANUAL)as its small and semi water-proof

the hf antenna project is now started so many thanks for all the help and thank you to all involved in the running of this site as its help me find a new part of the hobbie and its great

Even if we went ofF topic slightly hi hi (as Mr Hoskins once said its good to talk )

PS: i make a nice insulated seat for myself using foilded/polysteren laminated flooring underlay stuff and gaffa tape (total cost £2) i had in the shed i made it to the same thickness as my tesco garden kneeler and it slips nice in the back of the rucksack and is very warm and cosy on the rear

Many thanks Gordon MM3XGP

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i also love my FT817 very much so i could not resist to speak my dids.

Some years ago (3-4) where the propagation was so different an ATX Walkabout with a counterpoise kit (Radial/Counterpoise Kit (Dale W8ABZ))was ENOUGH. I operate mostly on CW and had many contacts portable or indoor from my house. The most exciting one was portable on a mountain (not on summit) with South Africa on 6m. Using colored crocodile clips to change the length of countrepoise according to the above article i never felt the need for a more efficient antenna.

These days propagation prompts for a more efficient system. Trying to keep the radio load still simple i went for the T1 tuner, a 15m long wire and 2 wires (6+12m) as counterpoises. U can see my setup on air on this video:
SOTA SV/PL-012 Mystras, 678m - YouTube .

Something you can not see is that the long wire is no more than 1.5m from the ground. Ok not a perfect SSB QSO but its still a SSB QSO. With that setup i made many solid CW contacts while i was portable with other portable or QRP stations around Europe. Sure is not a contest nor a DX setup but it is neat and did the job.

As for batteries i personally higly recomend the Lithium Polymers. I use one we usualy use on Trex remote controlled electric hellis. They need only 1 and half hour to charge, they can handlle up to 30A continuosly load, and they keep their strength longer than any other battery expept PBs… but they weigth only 150 grams :slight_smile:

You can see on video how i arange the FT817 inside a plastic container so i can avoid scrathes etc on operating while i keep the radio dry on move. With a velcro i attach the T1 on one side so it “pull” the antenna wire in place. I still cary the ATX walkabout as it is a very good antenna for the 2 meters (something around 3X5/8 on 2 meters i think?).

overall radio load (with logbook and everything) : 2.8Kg.

thats all… good luck and keep us informed with any new idea/setup.

73, Panos, SV1COX

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Excellent lighweight set up Panos. Last weekend I activated two summits with 150w out on 2m - the 12AH battery alone weighed 4.2kg and then there was the linear amplifier as well. In all my backpack and antennas weighed about 21kg. Of course this can only be done where there is not much walking required, hi!

73, Gerald

Gordon do not follow my example…

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LOL Gerald!!

have fun OM!

73, Panos, SV1COX