Year-end HA/KM-028

Hi SOTA Addicts!

I decided to activate HA/KM-028 in commemoration of Papa Fritz, HB9RE. Unfortunetely, even if I wanted to, I had not been able to surpass Vlado’s record. :frowning: I logged 245 complete QSOs, including 8 S2S QSOs.

Luckily the WX was mild; +12…14 °C degrees, no rain and not too much wind. I was operating my IC-746 at full (125W) output from a 42 Ah FIAMM GS battery, using a 9 m long telescopic fishing rod as a GP, with a variable tapping lengthening coil in the bottom, plus 8 full size radials.

The activity was surprisingly good, especially from East direction! I was astonished to log 56 stations from the former Soviet Union, mainly Russia and Ukraine, but I had a few QSOs from White-Russia, Moldavia and the ES and LY also. There was an increasing interest from Romania as well. ( QSOs. N.b. I tried to instigate YO5BRZ Pali when I met him at a HA HAM meeting in July that he would initiate establishing their SOTA section. (He was interested in SOTA, as he also has collected almost all the possible DXCC, WAZ, IOTA awards. :slight_smile: Unfortunately he seems to have forgotten it…) I logged 3 DX stations (2x 4X and 1x RA9). I also enjoyed the 21 Italian stations calling even is they were not really disciplined… They kept calling me even if I asked a specific call fraction only. :frowning:

I operated my IC-746 @ 125W output from a 42 Ah FIAMM GS battery, into a 9m long telescopic fishing rod as a GP with a tunable lengthening coil connected to the bottom and 8 full size radials. I enjoyed each and every minute of this activation. Thanks for your activity and calling me!

Thanks for HA5LV noting me that my activation qualifies for HAFF-018 as well! Unfortunately I did not know about this until Viktor called me, so I gave non-intentionally an inadequate reply for some of you asking me about FF reference. Sorry…

At 14:45 I gave up my attempt to surpass Vlado’s record as I was too hungry, thirsty, tired, already also felt cold and it stared getting dark…

I wish merry Christmas and happy New Year for all the SOTA fans!

73: Joska, HA5CW

Very happy to work you, Joska, and thanks also for the FF reference !

I am sure papa Fritz is watching from above and will be very be honoured with your commemoration.

Merry Christmas and happy newyear


In reply to HA5CW:

Congratulations for your excellent activation.
Your setup is very impressive for SOTA activation.
Next time I wish you to break the QSO record.

                           Vlado, Z35M

In reply to Z35M:
Dear Vlado!

Thanks! See my other topic "Foolish (beginner’s) question! I was just inches away from reaching you… I became a lay old fart… I ought to have started earlier, ought to taken less less rest (gymnastics, etc.). Maybe next time, year! :slight_smile:

73: Joska, HA5CW