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Yay for 60m

Can we have a whip-round for Mike so he can upgrade the 33k6 dial-up modem and 8MHz 286 he uses to host that site?

Or is Mike actually paying money to a hosting company for that level of service? If so, I have a Brooklyn Bridge for sale… :wink:

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The server dropped out last night… obviously swamped by the mass of SOTA people accessing our report. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a blast from the past. I had not realised that it was still there. I see that the ever-popular HuMpS scheme is thriving. Last year the award got to Dromedary status. Let’s hope it goes Bactrian in 2017.


Some of us do HuMPs for the opportunity to activate different hills. It is not all awards, awards, awards. You might like to try one sometime Richard… I can recommend The Roaches G/HSP-026 for a nice lunchtime bimble and an opportunity to get a different view on the Staffordshire landscape.

Is there a map showing where the HuMPS are? I found the list, but don’t recognise most of the names.

Colin G8TMV

Yes, you need to go to some of the walking sites to find them.

Worth a look


You should find everything you could possibly know about British and Irish hills at http://www.hills-database.co.uk/ where hills are classified as Monroes, Marylins, Humps, Corbetts, Hewitts, Nuttalls, Wainwrights, Deweys, County High Points e.t.c. e.t.c.

There are kml files on the summits.org website in the files section which show the HuMPs on Google Earth.

Uncanny. I got in from work today and Marianne says “Do you fancy a walk up Chinley Churn at weekend?” So I might be doing a rare (for me) HuMPs activation myself! I was actually up Eccles Pike recently, but didn’t have any radio with me.

Gerald, I think you’ll find Richard knows The Roaches very well!

That wouldn’t surprise me!

It’s an old stamping ground of mine, too - I have spent many a happy weekend climbing on the rocks there - with the occasional glimpse of the wild wallabies in the area! (No Aussie snakes, though!)

Just a quick response to Paul’s original topic - 60m doing it for us again today and the past few days with 40m broken for inter-G. Picking up the points on there when the same stations are inaudible on 40m.

Interesting situation on 7.160 earlier where Neil, G0WPO was doing a SOTA activation when MI0DOL/P was also on frequency. They obviously could not hear each other. Apparently some chasers were getting reports off Chris in Northern Ireland and not Neil!