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Yaesu FT3D – new flagship VHF/UHF handheld


looks ok, the only questions I have - and maybe some people at Hamvention could ask is.

Will it CHARGE by 12v or, like th FT60, merely be powered by 12v external but not charge.

My Kenwood HT does charge and I think its becoming almost the base that I would accept especially for overnight hikes etc.

And will the BT be for audio, or BT TNC or both? None?


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Interesting. I would be most curious about the receiver performance. Particularly the ability to resist overload and its adjacent channel rejection. Those are critical for SOTA ops from a populated hilltop.

Given the specifications (broadband RX) I would not expect much. My FT2DR is poor.

I would like a handheld with ssb and cw…



Slightly offtopic: Richard, I put the FT2D and the venerable FT-60 side by side at an FM broadcast site. The FT-60’s front end was getting swamped by IMD while the FT2D was doing just fine, I had about 10 QSOs without any sign of an interference.

I was thinking we need some kind of standardised test for these SOTA VHF handhelds, as so far the whole community is relying on subjective / empirical data. Maybe mixing outputs from a Si5351 and some programmable PE4302 attenuators, etc.


I sold a very expensive Yaesu VX-8GR because the front end was poor. Anything more than the stock rubber duck and it went into meltdown… That and the 125 menus which were driving me insane.

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I agree Mike. Many of these newer Yaesu HTs (and other brands no doubt) are far too feature-driven and user-customisable for what any of us really need.

My current Yaesu FT70D and previous Yaesu VX7R are both pretty decent radios, but fiddly to program and have an annoying menu-adjusted squelch (rather than a dial). Both have enormous menus.

Jimmy’s old Yaesu VX-110 is a bullet-proof simple 2m FM HT. It is only detailed stuff (memories etc) that you need to go into the menu for. The day-to-day operating facilities are all on the case of the radio. For the SOTA activator who probably has an 817 / 857 / KX2 in the rucksack anyway, an old VX-110 is probably the only handheld you’d ever need.


The ability to spot via APRS has saved a few activations for me. I find it a very useful feature on remote summits where I have no cell service. I have an FT1D and it struggles on summits with a lot of RF. Turning on the attenuator helps.

I will have to check out the FT3D. I hope they improved the UI! I played with another Yaesu touchscreen HT and didn’t find the touchscreen to be particularly well utilized. I would say that UI / UX is not Yaesu’s strong suit =)


Masterful understatement.

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Only for receive SSB CW use Kenwood old TH-F7 …

Hey Miro - just to receive is boring …

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small handheld (let us say with up to 10W - like my KX2) connected to a little beam or stocked quad at the pole… and make VHF-DX via Tropo on SSB … oder even CW in a strong aurora…

That’s what I’m really interested in.

If i were able to make one - i had one !

73 Armin