Wx report - Lake District?

Morning All,
Can anybody give me an on-the-ground wx report for the Langdale valley please?
I have looked at the usual sources, but there is no mention of the road conditions etc. Thinking of a very early start from Yorkshire on Saturday and would like to know if the car will do, or should I bring a dog team and sled…




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Very hard to say Tim, even from this close range. The snow has gone completly in the Furness area but we were in Kendal on Tuesday and it was totally different picture, the main roads were clear but side roads and pavements even in town were a complete mess.In the narrower parts parking is difficult because snow is piled at the sides. The radio and weather reports are ambiguous,Kirkstone Pass is open with care but nothing mentioned on Wrynose,Hardknott etc which were reported closed. There seems to be a lot of ice at altitude and winds up to 50mph. We’ve decided to walk round Walney Island rather than Black Combe today. Sorry we can’t be more help. Local Tourist Info might be some help if you give them a ring.
Take care HNY

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Give this a try, Tim. The camera is located at The Stickle Barn in the Langdales. Hope it helps.


Jordan M3TMX

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Just had a look. Thanks for link.
Sister and family heading for a farmhouse just north of Keswick later today (the farm driveway is iced up but should not present too much trouble to her Shogun) from Saddleworth. I’m going up there early on Saturday for a few days (collecting niece at Penrith station around lunchtime on the way) from Gloucestershire.
Perhaps hear one or two while I’m up there…

73 Graham G4FUJ

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Thanks for the info Rob. It was pretty much the same here until a couple of days ago - easier to walk on the roads than the footpaths. It is quite an investment in time and petrol from here to grab a couple of Lakes peaks,just wanted to be sure I could get as far as the ODG.
Thanks again
HNY 2 u 2




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Cheers Jordan,
That has done it now, it looks perfect on the web cam!
Just need a bit of sunshine and a light wind booked for Saturday if you can help with that too please.



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The forecast chart for Sunday shows a ridge of high pressure extending southeast over the country from a high over Greenland. Fingers crossed!

For now, though, there’s some pretty serious avalanche conditions to cope with:-(


Brian G8ADD