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WV0X Newest NA MG

Congratulations to Szymon on becoming the latest MG in NA.
He accomplished this in only 6 months!
Well Done!!
73, Walt


Congrats Szymon on the MG achievement. Hope to work you on many more summits.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Gratulacje, Szymon - quickest MG I’ve ever heard of! Baaaa!

Andy, N4LAG

Congratulations Szymon on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congrats Szymon!
KEN, K6HPX, Tucson


73 de VE6JTW, Jesse

Congrats Szymon! I am astonished by some of the snowy night hikes you do, including activating Arizona’s highest peak in the dark for your Mountain Goat summit! You certainly earned your Mountain Goat.
Keith KR7RK


Six months turns my legs into jelly just thinking about it. Exactly six months and one week. He first used his new call for SOTA on 5-19-21. Prior, all his contacts were on 2m, using the call KFØ Darn Good Friend. He got skunked only once, with three contacts. Other than eleven peaks, all his climbs were six points or more… way more. That’s the obvious secret.

Before this, the record for years in NA was held by NA6 Mountain Goat at just over eight months (He was goat #5 globally outside Europe), then two others at just under eight months.



Yeah…Szymon raised the bar for the Colorado activators! He’s a fearless and strong climber and we’ll see who can beat his record!! We’re really happy he came to Colorado to show us how it’s done ;-).

Congrats Szymon!!

73, Brad

Good work, Szymon! And thanks for all the QSOs. Always glad to hear you.
John, K6YK

6 months is incredible pace - 5+ points per day!


Congratulations, Szymon. Awesome accomplishment!
73 Gary

Six months – now that’s a real MG ;-)!


73 Paula k9ir

Congratulations, Szymon!

Congrats Sir! Amazing accomplishment in 6 months… Wow!

Congratulations Szymon!

73, Mike - ke5akl

Congrats! I’m always glad when I can hear you on your afternoon activations.
Great run around Flagstaff last week, that had to be fun.

Adam - K7MRJ

Jeff K6QCB