WU7H hits double Mountain Goat

Josh, WU7H, earned his 2000th point as an activator on a New Years Eve double activation.

Josh needed exactly 18 points to hit the landmark. So we went out on New Years Eve and activated South Lookout Mountain (W7W/WH-206)–6 points, plus 3 winter bonus points times two (2022 and 2023). Exactly what he needed.

Our adventure started with a 3 hour drive north towards the Canadian border to the Glacier Creek Sno-park in Washington State. There we unloaded a couple of snowmobiles and motored about an hour in the general direction of the summit on a forest service road that frequently was covered in actual snow. As we gained elevation, the snow became “full time.” The best-case scenario would be snowmobiling right into the activation zone on groomed snowmobile trails. Alas, there was no evidence of trail grooming whatsoever.

We proceeded until the snow got too deep for our machines and we were taking turns getting stuck. So we turned the machines around, strapped on snowshoes, and hiked the final 2.3 miles and 1,100’. It was something of a struggle in the deep snow.

We arrived with about 25 minutes remaining for a 2022 activation. Josh set up his KX2 and random wire antenna while I pleaded and begged on 2m simplex for QSOs. We did manage to work a few folks on 2m, but a couple of CQs on 20m provided Josh with a great big New Years Eve pile-up, that included a couple of S2Ss for both of us.

At the stroke of Midnight-zulu, Josh started again and worked a handful of stations–enough for an activation with points–and handed the paddle to me. Altruistic? Yeah, sure. But really, Josh decided he needed to get some feeling back in his fingers before things got ugly. Besides the cold, we were in something of a snowstorm. I worked the pile-up until nobody replied to my “QRZ?” We packed up and high-tailed it out of there, back to the machines, and motored back into the rain. It took a couple of hours to get back to the truck and trailer; we arrived cold, wet and pretty much exhausted.

Several hours later, back at my house, we cracked a couple of local winter ales and toasted our adventure and Josh’s double-goat. Josh was keen to point out that we didn’t do this because it was easy. No…we did this because we THOUGHT it would be easy.

Congratulations, Josh!


That’s awesome! A double activation for a double goat and the best part is that it sounds like it was quite the adventure with Darryl!

Congrats, Josh! :goat: :goat: :beers: :beers:

73, pat - ww4d


Wow that’s a great way to activate and remember reaching Double Goat! Congratulations Josh! Bob AC1Z



Es nice sigs into S. AZ

All Best, Ken

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Can’t wait to work you again!

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Congratulations to Josh, sounds like a fun winter activation to reach the milestone!

73 es HNY
Jonathan “JB”

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Wow! That sounds like quite the trip. Congrats Josh on another milestone.


Quinton NU7Y

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Congratulations Josh!
Snow machines up the mountain are a real adventure, I just had a muddy trail to Flat Top. Fun to S2S with you and Darryl, hope to work you many times on the way to 3X.

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Congrats JJ (and DJ)! Great to have a QSO for your double goat with my KX2 from sunny (actually, rainy) SoCal!
—Jeff KX6I

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Congrats Josh! Big milestone. Great way to finish off the year. I’ll be looking for you on many more summits!

73, Jim K7MK

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Congrats Josh! What a great story too. I recall reading a while back where you and Darryl had an ancient snowmobile on a similar adventure. Look forward to a time (retirement :wink: ) when I can get back up to your neck of the woods for another eyeball QSO/Salmoncon camping trip…

73, Todd KH2TJ

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Wow, great story and a great write up DJ. What an adventure and a cool way to make Double MG! Congrats Josh and I’m super excited I was able to contact you on your DMG peak! :+1: :+1: :beers: :beers: :goat: :goat: :bangbang:Look forward to many more chases and S2S with both of you guys!


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Thanks all and HNY! Here are a couple pics from our adventure. Looking forward to lots of QSOs with you all this year.


Great expedition! 73, Hal

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Congratulations Josh! What a cool activation adventure, the spirit of SOTA!


Josh, congrats brother! Thanks for representing the W7W SOTA pack.


Hey Josh-

That is absolutely amazing! For that amount of dedication and perseverance, you and DJ really deserve a 10 point bonus!

You are animals!


Greg, W7GA


That’s a great story! Fun reading and FB on your parts, especially Josh for 2xMG!

Andy, N4LAG

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What an awesome way to ring in a new year. Congratulations!
73 Gary

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Congratulations Josh, what an awesome sounding adventure!
Thanks for all the QSO’s and S2S!
Keith KR7RK

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