WST is preparing

Hello SOTA Friends.
Of course depending weather.
This year and for the second time i Will try to win a new record. :-))
The WST. What does it mean ? No poker tournament but Worldwide Summits Tour.
Last year i did 8 summits day without any engins, this year i Will try 9 summits day.
It may on the sunday 14th july …

73 QRO

PS: anybody is welcome …

In reply to F5LKW:

Good Luck Roger.

This weekend is the worldwide IARU HF Championship contest.
CW and SSB from 1200-1200 UTC Saturday/Sunday

You will be OK on 10 MHz


In reply to G4SSH:
Bad luck … ? But i don’t get any choice because my job timetable.
Then i will work only 10 MHz.
THANKS info Big Boss

It will be my Worldwide against IARU worldwide. Hi !

In reply to F5LKW:
That’s a nice goal…
I will also look for you on 30 meters, because that’s my best antenna.
Good luck with your record…

Tonnie, PA9CW.

Good luck Roger ! I have to work at the weekend :frowning:
Have fun !

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

In reply to PA9CW:
I will be QRV APRS: F5LKW-7

I didn’t choose the date for WST yet !
May be sunday 14th july or monday 15th july but only depending WX.
For sure, on the 2 days we will be QRV on SOTA.
Team: F5UBH - Christophe and F5LKW - Roger

We wil try to activate the following summits:

  • F/AM-112 - F/AM-117 - F/AM-291 - F/AM-728
  • WST: F/AM-249-247-229-723-724-278-273-731-733

I’ll be QRV APRS: F5LKW-9 and F5LKW-7

Need the chaser’s help early in the morning… :-))

73 QRO

Hello Friends.
First i want you to say a big THANKS for QSO.
Because without chasers no activator !
I’m preparing the movie but until watchint it, you can visit tha album:
We had a real good fun. Next year we try 9 summits … of course without any engin.
73 QRO

In reply to F5LKW:
Yes thanks to all of you… And a BIG THANKS to Roger for this very good trip…
And YES for 9 summits next year… I’ll be prepare for for it !!!
My best wishes to all
Bye See you soon
"Tof" F5UBH

In reply to F5UBH:
Hi Tof, I am preparing a " 10 x 10" (10 summits in 24 ours) in the Mercantour.
We may be, have a try with Roger next august… will you come?

In reply to F6HBI:
Hi Gerald,
Depend date… Send mail…