Wrong upload DM/NW-238-> must be NW-208 ( 3 jan 2016 )

Hi all,
I made a wrong upload.
On 3 jan 2016 from 10.44-11.08 UTC I activated DM/NW-208, and uploaded with # DM/NW-238 instead.
All SSB on 7.141 KHz.
I changed the database already.
I guess I gave the right location by SMS and Phone. I see Iam logged ok by several stations.
SRI, after 480 summits it must go wrong one time…
CU next weekend I hope from Sauerland again.
73 de Hans DL/PA3FYG/p

Thanks Hans for all the summits.
I logged you ok, just checked.
Hope you hear me on your next trip :wink:

Hi Hans,
Confirming you gave out 208 and I expect it was spotted as 208, so the only glitch was in your entry of your log (which you have corrected).

73 Ed.

Roger, tnx.
73 de Hans