Wrong summit ref EI/GI4ONL/P & EI/MI0JST/P

Attention all chasers who contacted EI/GI4ONL/P on 10.118 CW or EI/MI0JST/P on 7.138 SSB yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately we gave the wrong summit reference. We gave the ref as EI/IN-019 but it should have been EI/IN-023.

When we were planning our activation on Saturday evening we decided on EI/IN-019, however, due to unforeseen circumstances our planned departure time of 06:00 had to be delayed to 08:30 and en-route we realised we would not have enough daylight to do the activation so changed to EI/IN-023.
Sometimes being too well prepared can have pitfalls, both of us had printed log sheets with the original reference and both of us forgot to change them for the new one, probably because we were pre-occupied with something that had happened earlier in the day. To say we are embarrassed and annoyed is an understatement !

Please accept our sincere apologies, we will endeavour to contact any chaser that doesn’t reply to this thread acknowledging our mistake.

73 from Victor GI4ONL & Victor MI0JST

In reply to GI4ONL:

Thanks very much for the correction. Not a problem!

I spoke with you (EI/MI0JST/P)at 14.18Z on 7.138.

I will update my logs and SOTA list.

Merry Christmas etc. :sunglasses:


In reply to GI4ONL:
Doesn’t matter, Victor. Log is corrected,


In reply to GI4ONL:

No problem correcting my paper log, it doesn’t go into the database until I reach the bottom of the page!


Brian G8ADD

Thanks guys for the correction,all rectified. 73 Don G0RQL.

In reply to GI4ONL:
No problem, Victor, correction done in my paper log! Thanks for qso, hope to cu soon again.
73, Mirko

In reply to GI4ONL:
Tks for the correction Victor!
I updated my log.
Tks fot the nice activation.

73, Sake PA0SKP

In reply to GI4ONL:

Thanks for the activation.
Corrected in our logs

Caroline M3ZCB and Martyn M1MAJ

In reply to GI4ONL:

Hi Victor,

tks for activation. Log is corrected, tks for your warning.

Best 73.

David Quental