Wrong Summit Description

I was just going over the contacts I got for Pigeon House Mountain today and I realised I was given people the wrong Summit number. It should be SC-003. NOT SC-033. Can I fix it or should I try and activate the mountain again. Thank you for any help


Hi Phil,

No need to panic, you gave out the correct summit number. VK2/SC-003 is Pigeon BOX mountain, SC-033 is Pigeon House Mountain.

Pigeon Box Mountain is down near Bemboka in SE Forests NP.

Was good to work you today. Pigeon House Mountain is one of my favorite walks and will most likely activate it myself. I surveyed the South Coast peaks so if you have any queries about any of them let me know.

73 Ian VK1DI

In reply to VK1DI:
Thank’s Ian for the information. It was a big day yesterday 11 hour return trip to home. My wife was asking a question about the numbers and when I was showing her on the computer that when i got confused, but thank’s again