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Wrong SOTA ref

Hi all,
I was yesterday on the summit OK/JC-061, but I din’t set the keyer and gave wrong SOTA ref OK/ST-048. Right ref. is OK/JC-061. Please repair it in yours Logs.
I tested yesterday new portable antenna also. Are you able to compare my sigs before and yesterday? I will use this antenna all the weekend. This weekend I will paticipate in UHF field day with club station OK1KPI, but I hope I will be able to activate any SOTA in neighbourhood.
73 Jirka OK1DDQ

In reply to OK1DDQ:
Tnx info Jirka - my log is corrected.

A very respectable signal with your new antenna, hard to say how it compares with what you had before - depends on what power you were running. The QRN yesterday in UK was bad due to local thunderstorms but you came through very well with me.


In reply to OK1DDQ:
Hi Jirka
Not sure if you read this a bit late. I am in Praha this Saturday and will leave tomorrow travelling to Plzen. I have a handheld radio a would like a qso
on 70cm FM if possible. In any case what qrg are you using?
Internet only in the lobby at the hotel so it might be a bit difficult to get
a sked.
73 de Aage at Ariston Hotel

In reply to G4OBK:
Thank you for a replay Phill. I work on the SOTA with 10 wattes of HF power. Before, I used a set of the sigle band wire GP antenna, now I test half size G5RV 2 x 7.75 m, mounted verticaly. I prefere verticaly instaled antenna on the SOTA, because we have dense forest on the most of summits in our country. Instalation of the horizontaly oriented antenna is much more dificult.