Wrong reference W6/NC-010 VS 019 30/06/2016

First time posting to the reflector so forgive any faux paus but let me know of them.
On 30/06/2016 I alerted planned activations for W6/NC-019 and NC-010 in that order. When I activated NC-019 I either sent it wrong or the 9 got misconstrued as 0. I m ay also have messed up the alerts due to having to delay by a day. I couldn’t even get to the 010 summit that day due to Forest Service road closures. My apologies to you Chasers, please correct all contacts with W1EJ on 30/06/2016 to summit W6/NC-019.
I did activate Goat Mountain the following day 01/07/2016 but was not able to get to NC-001 (another close number) due to a road closure.

Thanks to those who have updated logs.