Wrong reference this am by w4kac

I’m gonna blame chemo brain, but I was sitting on Hawksbill (w4c/em-049) this morning looking at Table Rock and taking photos of Table Rock, and darned if I didn’t spot myself as being on Table Rock. I had a number of contacts on 60 and probably a few on 40 before w5gdw alerted me of my error. Anyone who logged me as on w4c/em-051 on 26Jan2021, please change that to w4c/em-049. I am so sorry to have done this. I was sending badly anyway, and really went to pieces after finding I had spotted wrong. Hope you will all forgive me!!

Thanks for the contacts and thanks for reading,
Ken w4kac

PS, It was a beautiful day up there above all the fog and clouds below. Blue skies and sunshine with shirt sleeve temps!

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You’re standing at the tail end of a long line of those of us who have spotted wrong. Its not sin.

Double check your ‘Who Chased Me’ list in a day or two and if there are a few with the wrong summit, let them know so they can get their log straight. Dean ~ K2JB

Thanks Dean. Yes, I’ve emailed everyone individually too. I had a similar situation last year when I activated Laurel on the west side, then moved to Dogback. The rbn re-spotted me on Laurel. Didn’t realize that one until I was home. Thanks for the s2s today.