Wrong Reference GW/SW-009 2nd December 08:54 - 10:45

This morning I reported my summit reference incorrectly:
2m FM 08:45 - 09:19 UST
40m SSB 7.150mhz 09:28 - 10:13 UST
+ 2 Summit to Summits
My correct Summit Reference should have been GW/SW-015, Mynydd Llangorse

I will send email clarification to all chasers with Email addresses available from QRZ.com

From 12:45 UST my SOTA reference of GW/SW-009, Mynydd Troed was correct.

Thanks to all chasers for their patience.
73, MW0KXN/P, Kevin


I have now sent out 35 Emails notifying people of my error and contacted 1 other person. I have not been able to contact the remaining 10 chasers, who do not have Email addresses available from QRZ.com.

I will strive not to do this again.

Thanks you, Kevin, MW0KXN/P


Easily done, best to own up !

Thanks for apologising for a QSO we didn’t have, but also thanks for the QSO on the real GW/SW-009, it’s not usually an easy one from my QTH



It happens to us all Kevin. I’ve even been up a hill having left all the details in the car. I had to ask the first person into the log, a well known chaser, for the information. Embarrassing, but not the end of the world.

73, Gerald

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I’ve done that too! Not with SOTA but a different program.
Happily the chasers were able to set me straight…


Thank you to everyone who chased me yesterday. Many people have responded to my Emails, updated their logs, and even replied with a friendly comment.
I could not contact everyone by Email and am keen to make good for my error.
@EA1DHB 02-Dec-2021, 09:39, 7.150mhz summit correction GW/SW-015, Mynydd Llangorse
@GM7NZI 02-Dec-2021, 09:43, 7.150mhz summit correction GW/SW-015, Mynydd Llangorse


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Thank you to all who have updated their logs. There are a few people I have still been unable to contact that I am keen to let know:
@CT1MH 02-Dec-2021, 09:28, 7.150mhz summit correction GW/SW-015, Mynydd Llangorse
@EA1GKP 02-Dec-2021, 09:45, 7.150mhz summit correction GW/SW-015, Mynydd Llangorse
@G0VWP 02-Dec-2021, 09:57, 7.150mhz summit correction GW/SW-015, Mynydd Llangorse
73, Kevin

Hi Kevin,
EA1GKP has a valid email address at his QRZ.com page.



Hi Guru,
I have sent an Email but fear that it may have gone to his Spam folder.

This will be my last attempt to correct my error. I respect my chasers and am keen to correct my error, but do not want to become a nuisance.

Apologies that I failed to activate GW/SW-007, Fan Nedd on HF last Sunday as alerted. I was just too cold by the time I had finished on 2m.

I look forward to getting you in the log again soon.

73, Kevin

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I understand and fully agree with you, Kevin.
When an activator makes an error, which has to be communicated to the chasers for correction, sending them emails and informing about it on the Reflector, even sending them Private Messages or direct allusions by writing their callsings preffixed with @ is all we can do. It’s up to them to make the corrections and we can’t be like a Mom after them.

It will be my pleasure.

In winter conditions, safety is first and there’s nothing for you to apologize. I haven’t activated any SOTA lately because the WX is just too bad and I’m sorry for that, but there’s nothing to apologize.