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Wrong Reference for Mt Brown

Sorry folks about my spot. Yes I was on Mt brown vk5/ne-014 the pre-emptive txt in my phone selected se-014 for me and I did not notice. So I think it only influences vk2io vk3byd and vk6nu the rest were on 40m where the spot was right. sorry about that.
my blog will be finished later on.
73 all thanks for chasing me the last few days I got some good miles in the legs this trip but still no cure or SOTA fever. Ian vk5cz …

Thanks for clarifying, Ian.
I had NE-014 already and the appearance of a different code prompted a check against your alert.
Sorry couldn’t chase on 20m or 17m today but hopefully sigs were as good as yesterday.
Gerard - VK2IO

Sorry I missed your activation today Ian, at the very time was outside eating lunch and missed the spots !!

Will really have to get the ringtones working on my newly installed Sota Spotter.

Hope the cw activation went well.

Regards, Nick

thanks guys I could hear lots of the international beacons on 17m but they were very low on 15m.
Wrong time of day for eu dx and most us stations were having tea probably or is it supper.
the fog rolled in again so I hit the trail.
I did manage to work John vk6nu that is my main reason to try 20m and any others who may not copy well on 40. Well three more on the data base and sore feet to remind me.
73 de Ian vk5cz …