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Wrong reference DM/RP-343 DL2XL/p

dr om’s!

SP8RHP 1713z
DK7ZH 1716z
DL4GBX 1720z
HA7UG 1721z
DL9MDI 1722z

"Transposed digits"
The right reference is DM/RP-434 = Rindskehler Kopf
call: DL2XL/p

Sorry for my mistake!

vy and cuagn

In reply to DL2XL:
Hello Karl …
Thanks for the info about the SOTA number DM/RP-434.
I already corrected my log.
VY 73!! de Robert SP8RHP.

In reply to DL2XL:
Hi Karl OM, thanks for the QSO + info!
Tryed to spot U, but "submission failed … is not recognised as valid …"
Wanted to ask again, but you told QRT. Never mind dear Karl, hope you did well! CU next, AWDH ! 73 de Laci -ha7ug-

In reply to DL2XL:
ok, danke fuer die Info…
awdh es 73 de Manfred, DK7ZH