WRONG referece today!

I just arrived back from 2 summits activation today and I quickly wanted to warn you of my fault when providing one of the two references; I’m so sorry…

I was activating EA2/NV-116 -together with EA2BSB/P & EA2JCT/P- but I took the wrong paper log prepared in advance and announced all the times EA2/NV-092.
All my QSO between 15:45 till 16:17 (14 MHz CW) are therefore to be corrected with NV-116. Please accept my apologies.

We then moved to the second summit, and that was the time I noticed about my mistake, I felt so bad!

Then to avoid more controversy if I was working again in 14 MHz I decided to run only 7MHz CW and provide now the correct reference EA2/NV-092.

Hope most chasers will notice this Topic and correct his chaser log. I’ll try to send an e-mail if possible, though you can reply this topic to let me know you took note.

To make it even more difficult there is a high QRM all over HF in NV-116, that made me to be deeply concentrated understanding the calls and I didn’t notice about my wrong reference.

On top of that I now see in the Sotawatch also the controversy when some spotter had doubts about what reference to put for me, TNX William!

Again, sorry for that and thanks to all chasers, because in fact I had plenty of them today. Best 73 and take care.
EA2BD/P (doh moment…)

In reply to EA2BD:

Log corrected Ignacio

73 de Ken G3XQE

In reply to EA2BD:

My log corrected also Ignacio.


FB in my Log
73 de Kevin G0NUP

In reply to EA2BD:
OK in my log…

best 73 Ignacio de Tom

In reply to EA2BD:
Also OK in my log, Ignacio. Thanks for both summits!

73, Mirko