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Wrong REF today: DL/AL-001 vs. DL/AL-009

Dear all:
Today, I activated DL/AL-001 Biberkopf, but I see many chasers logged it as DL/AL-009. It seems I saved the wrong REF in my keyer and injected in every now and then. Because I used the time of the keyer sending for writing down log info, I did not spot this error until my return.
Please correct your logs.
Sorry for the inconvenience!
73 de Martin, DK3IT

Thanks for the info, Martin.
My log is now corrected.



On HB/BE-122 your 40m signal was not readable (dead zone) but on 20m it was a comfortable 559 - that was apparently too weak for a s2s (KX2@10 watts and EFHW on my side).

73 cu, Heinz HB9BCB

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