Wrong Ref spotted by SW3 Sat July 10th for the 11:30-11:40 QSOs

Dear chasers,

After my activations July 10th – have seen this spot with wrong Ref:


The spot at 11:20 is correct, and at 11:30 I was still on DL/MF-030, but SW3 spotted the wrong Ref, from the activation about three hours before.

The affected chasers are:
ok/dl2dxa/p, dl3hxx, df8ky, hb9cdh/p, dk1wi, s52cu, dl1fu, m6blv, hb9afi/p, dl6wt, dk5pd, ik2ilh.

Had set the Alert
08:30 DL/MF-025 - spots were correct for 20/30/40m
11:30 DL/MF-030 - first spot for 20m was correct, at 11:20, the spot for 40m at 11:30 used the wrong Ref.
15:00 DL/MF-026 - spot was correct for 30m.

Don’t know what happened here. Wouldn’t 11:30 be already outside of the 08:30 (previous) activation time window ?

But definitely I want to thank the creators of the RBNHole/SotaWatch Bridge very much ! Using this function for all my activations !

73 andy DL2DVE