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Wrong ref for GI4WSB/P

Apologies for Sat 8/10/16 Summit ref was GI/SW003 not GI/SW002 As Spotted.

Thanks Don, I did ask Bill to confirm the reference and wrote down 002. Oh well, old ears. Log corrected.

Thank you Don for the information, Log also corrected.
Did note that spot late saturday afternoon by some one but liitle confusing when they mentioned 7199.

Sat 16:12 GI4WSB/P on GI/SW-003 7.199 ssb
not gi /sw-002 (Posted by M6WSB)

Even Mike popped up on freq asking if there as one was monitoring the freq, but thought bit high, can’t even see Bill operating that high as part of signal be out of band possible.

Just await Bill to confirm matters.

Plus this moved the WAB square from H-14 to H-04, logs also being corrected :slight_smile:


I think you should write out 100 times:

“I must remember where the signal energy is when using LSB”


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We were taught to keep within 3khz of the band to make sure any part of of our signals no stray into outside the band.
Even i have heard stations on LSB spattering above the freq as much as 5khz. Mind you, this is no doubt down to over driving the audio to cause such splatter. I like to make sure am well within the band and also make sure me ALC is within tolerance as well. And yes your right the signal should be driven down into lower part as then more comes into the lower part of the 40mb this prob more applies. But again just wanna make sure am not out of band as our band plan requires.

Can i reduce that to 99 times please LOL