wrong ref by spotting-system


I’m on sota holiday in the voges and did 4 summits today.

I noticed that the ref that is spotted by “rbnhole” could be wrong. Sometimes it is too late. I was a little bit early at the top and the system gave the ref of the summit I did before.

Please take a look at my alert.

I would be glad about your correction in the spots


I agree Armin,
yesterday i worked you on 40m and just after i saw that RBN hole announced you as being in FL/VO-001 while you passed ref FL/VO-078 during our QSO.
Then i sent a Spot few minutes later on Sota Watch with the right SOTA Ref.
Vy 73., have fun in the Vosges county.

No. The summit spotted is based on the information you give RBNhole. It isn’t psychic, it only knows that you are calling CQ and the alerts you have given. Activating multiple summits is best served by using a wildcard alert and extending the spotting window for the full days activations.

See the docs: RBNHole | VK3ARR's SOTA Blog

Thank you for the info!

So I will put RBNN in the comment section of the alerts… good to know!


If you have mobile coverage you can set up your alerts for each summit, then delete each alert when you complete the activation + update the ETA for your next summit. This has worked well when I have done multiple CW activations in a single day.

73 Gavin