Wrong ref and abrupt QRT by OK2QA today

Activation of 10-pointer OK/MO-055 was planned for today. My sherpa (XYL) asked in the last minute to change it for the somewhat easier 8-pointer because her leg ached. Agreed, so we have activated OK/ZL-004 instead. Unfortunately, I have forgot to change the heading of my log sheet prepared in advance. So I have sent wrong reference OK/MO-055 from the log sheet, while KU6J was right this time, as I have wrote the alert later, indicating already corrected intention.
Sorry for the confusion, folks.
I am asking for one more absolution due to my abrupt QRT today. XYL was getting cold and asked me to stop, then started to tear down the antenna in the middle of the pileup. I was barely able to finish the S2S QSO with Jan, DL/OK2PDT/P.
I am going to activate the real OK/MO-055 tomorrow, but will take only 2 m FM handie with me.
73 + HNY de OK2QA, Ruda

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diky Rudo za spojeni opravuji referenci

Don’t worry Ruda, this can happen to anyone!
I hope Sherpani Olga gets well soon.

73 cu, Heinz HB9BCB