Wrong OK/ZL-049 reference by OK2QA/P today

Sorry, folks, I have sent wrong reference today by mistake. I have really activated OK/ZL-052 Pardus, not OK/ZL-049. I have forgotten to pack the logbook with prepared activation reference number into the rucksack. I thought I remembered the reference, but I was wrong. All my logging was written on the backside of the map, which was the only paper stuff on hand. My apologize for all worked chasers as OK/ZL-052 is 4 points only, not the 6 pts of ZL-049.
73 Ruda OK2QA

In reply to OK2QA:

Tnx for the fb QSO Ruda!

ZL-052 is better; it´s a new one for me ;-))

Vy73 Ahoj, diky

In reply to DL4FDM:

Also for me …HI

Best 73
Daniel / F5SQA

In reply to F5SQA:
I am sending an e-mail with the appropriate correction to all 40 worked chasers, whose address can be found on qrz.com.
You can look at four photos from the activation at:
OK/ZL-052 Pardus | Flickr
Again, please accept my apologies. Hope to meet you from other summits.

73 Ruda OK2QA