Wrong log information

I have been last three years involve in WWFF Program. Now I visited in one Summit and try to upload my log into database, but without success. Nowadays I am using FLE log application. Let me know, what is wrong in my header information?

73, Saku OH2NOS



mycall OH2NOS/p
operator OH2NOS
mysota OH/JS-066
qslmsg OH/JS-066 paper QSL via bureau


date 2019-11-09
20m ssb

It sounds like your file is not a valid CSV file. The file format is here: SOTA Database

If you want to try ADIF upload you can try the new version of the database at newsotadata.sota.org.uk

The header info looks ok for FLE. But that is the data file used by FLE, you need the output file in either CSV or ADIF format.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

I think that you have forgotten a couple of steps in FLE.
After you save the raw data as a text (.txt) file, remember to click the Copy icon to transfer the data onto the right part of the screen. Then when all finished, Save the Text file plus click the button to save to CSV or ADI.
I have highlighted the buttons in the screen shot.
Good luck,
Peter VK3PF

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