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Wrong Chaser Log

A question for Andy may be
Few days ago, Laurent, F8BBL, sent me his full log in order to upload his chaser QSOs.
Many errors have been detected when analysing his log with SAISIE_SOTA.
Most of them were corrected but I don’t find what is going wrong for some others.
When uploading a part of his csv file, the system did’nt accept many QSOs.

Here is an example:

The QSO with HA9MCQ/P seems to be valid:

  • the summit is OK
  • the QSO date takes place between the ‘Valid from’ and the ‘valid to’ dates of the summit.
  • the mode is OK
  • The frequency is OK
  • the summit has not be contacted before (the same day)
  • the QSO is in HA9MCQ/P’s log.

So where is the problem ?
Thanks for your help
73 Alain F6ENO

The lines in grey are existing QSOs that already exist in the DB
Lines in red have errors… none visible.
Lines in black are fine and can be submitted.

What is the error message displayed?

Hi Andy,
Thanks for your fast reply.
May be you know I’m color blind… so…

But when uploading the all log, I notice a problem with Belgium summits (in red at this time…)
I’m using the summits infos from the file I download here: http://www.sotadata.org.uk/summitslist.csv
In this file, ON/ON-009 is valid from 01/01/2009 to 30/09/2011.
So the QSOs between these 2 dates should be OK (that is what Saisie_SOTA says)
But the database says ‘no’:

In the database, if you go to Summits/ List of summits/ ON/ and History of ON/ON-009, you have the Summit Report and you can see that
this summit is valid from 01/Apr/2016…

There is a same problem with ON/ON-006 which is valid from 01/Oct/2011 but I remember that this summit was also valid before (in 2007 I had an activation there)

Well Andy, this is not a very big problem, but it was not so easy to find the bug…

Best 73
Alain F6ENO

There is a bug with the database. The scoring code can cope with a summit having multiple values.

1-jan-2010 to 31-dec-2010 10pts
1-jan-2011 to 31-dec-9999 6pts

But it cannot (yet) cope with summit being valid for 2 periods with a gap inbetween.

1-jan-2010 to 31-dec-2010 10pts
1-jan-2014 to 31-dec-9999 10pts INVALID 1-jan-2011 to 31-dec-2013

I do not have a fix for this yet. So keep hold of your logs for uploading when I do fix it.

This applies to some summits in ON, OE and DM I think only.

Yes Andy, I understand that it’s not easy to implement many valid periods, and more, multiple values in the database.
I suppose that one solution is to use new ref to summits when their data are changing, and keep the old ref in the database.

Many thanks Andy
73 Alain

I think of Baystones G/LD-039 as the canonical example, though it probably helps that the first period of validity was very short and that it is not valid now.

Hello Alain,
I noticed that the link to get summit.csv is not valid.
By the way the “Summits Update” in Saisie_Sota does not work (fail to update).
73 Gerald

Hello Gerald
That is true.
I suppose that Andy will correct that soon
73 Alain F6ENO

It should be OK now. I hadn’t checked my email or looked on here since getting into work. Sadly, I actually had to do something for one of our clients in China! I’ve just checked now, seen this and I also had an email from the server…

“An error has occurred creating file summitslist.csv…”

I’ve clicked the magic link and the process ran fine this time. This is a known issue with the DB but I did put some code in place to mitigate it happening. It used to happen really often and now happens once every few months since I made the changes.

Thanks Andy,
It works fine now.
Good luck with China…
73 Alain

Hallo Alain!

The summit closed here for some reason, this may be the reason.

The reason for the closure’ll write later.

                                               73  DX  Pista   HA5TI