Wrong Callsign spotted as MM6GYU/P should be M6GYU/P

I was spotted on G/NP-017 on Sunday 26th September 2021 as MM6GYU/P. That callsign is incorrect.

The correct callsign should be M6GYU/P and that is what I used when calling CQ.

This may also have happened on 2 activations on the 25th. So if you’ve logged me on:-

a) Sunday 26th September on G/NP-017 and/or G/NP-010 &,

b) Saturday 25th September on G/NP-008 & G/NP-031)

Please change MM6GYU/P to M6GYU/P

Thanks! David

PS sorry for any bother.


Incorectly entered chases:

OwnCallsign OtherCallsign Summit
HB9CYV/P MM6GYU/P Great Whernside
EA2DT MM6GYU/P Great Whernside
EA2DT MM6GYU/P Birks Fell
SA4BLM MM6GYU/P Great Whernside
IK2LEY/P MM6GYU/P Great Whernside
Z35F MM6GYU/P Birks Fell
S52ON MM6GYU/P Birks Fell
OK1ZE MM6GYU/P Great Whernside
DJ5AV MM6GYU/p Great Whernside
ON7GO MM6GYU/P Great Whernside
DK1HKU MM6GYU/P Great Whernside
ON7GO MM6GYU/P Pen-y-ghent
OZ6ABZ MM6GYU/P Pen-y-ghent
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F$$K !

I used SOTA Goat for these activations and I remember it sometimes predicted MM6GYU/P, which I corrected. However it doesn’t look like I did enough checking.

I must do better next time Andy.

I may well email those and ask them to change it incase they don’t visit here.



Why is SOTA Goat changing your callsign? What is it using to determine the bizarre and weird UK regional secondary locator and getting it so wrong?

If you spot by SMS and use the shorthands for <MYCALL> ! and $ then it will pick the correct RSL for all UK callsigns based on the summit ref you give. It’s smart enough to know how to modify any UK call whether it already has an RSL in the registered call or not and uses only the association code to make the change. i.e. if you say you are in Scotland it knows to put and M in the right place.


Hi David,

You were so loud in SP so I could copy your proper callsign by ears during our S2S :wink:
Thanks anyway.

73, Jarek


You actually alerted yourself as MM6GYU - something I didn’t spot when I QSP’d the UK SOTA alerts to the Worked All Britain media first thing in the morning.


I also use SOTA Goat and find it great.

Unfortunately, the coverage for mobile networks is often not so great here.Then SOTA Goat has no connection and can’t accept changes.

You have to check and correct the adjustments every time… and if the change was not accepted, set it again. Changes are not saved.

You really have to be careful that this has an effect on the spot. But you can check this in the alert.

73 Armin



I haven;'t used SOTA Goat very much but I assume it uses predictive/autofill text (I have used SotaGoat before whilst operating in in Scotland), so it probably remembers both callsigns (MM6guy and m6gyu/p).

I did notice that on at least one spot I posted in G/NP, S. Goat automatically filled in my callsign as MM6GYU/P which I noticed and corrected before I pressed ‘post’.

Unfortunately it must have done this more than once but I obviously didn’t notice.

Unlike spotting with the SMS service Sota Goat doesn’t appear to link the correct callsign prefix with the correct country.

I think I’ll try using the SMS service next time. I’m pretty sure I registered with it as per Andy’s (?) instructions.

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Thanks Dave. Obviously I didn’t spot that either. Another mistake, ultimately down to me not checking.


Hi David

I spotted you on G/NP-010 with your correct callsign so there shouldn’t have been any problems on that summit.

I use SOTA Goat for spotting and you can set the default call before you go out and you can override it at anytime once you are out before sending the spot. I do this regularly when Dave G3TQQ and I go out activating together when we change operators.



Thanks Nick

I obviously need to spend a little more time getting familiar with the App.


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I’ve seen this several times in the past week, with several operators, most seem to correct it after a short while;

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Oh, thats made me feel a litle better Paul. Maybe it wasn’t all just my incompetence. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: