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Wrong callsign logged

I’ve searched to see if I couldn’t find anything related to this, but drew a blank. Apologies if I’ve missed it.

I’ve just noticed that in my 17 QSO log for today I’ve erroneously logged one callsign wrong (one character typo). Can this be edited or changed, or so I need to resubmit the whole log?

Edit: quite the smooth-brained way to round off my first ever HF activation, which went really well to be fair.

You would have to delete the whole log and resubmit it with the corrections made. I use csv sota logger it makes it way easier if you dont already use it.

73 de VE6JTW

If Im wrong I apologize ahead of time :grin:


Think you may be right. It’s fine, I can do it another time soon. I can copy/paste the current list from the website into a CSV as a holding pen, and then change and then resubmit when I have 10 mins spare.

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…or even use the database’s “Download” option (from your list of activations) and have a CSV in the right format.

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Cannot believe I forgot that - thanks

Edit: Managed to do it entirely on my iPhone. Cool.

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