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Wrong Callsign - April Fool? G/WB-013

Yesterday 1st April, my birthday I decided to celebrate by activating G/WB-013 Garway Hill.
The callsign I used was GW4WTF/P instead of the correct G4WTF/P. Under the influence of recent GW activations and brain fade I did not realise my error. Apologies to all my chasers. I have input my activator log with the incorrect callsign. I will be pleased to take advice on what best action to take to rectify this. Thank you.


Hi Ian

All you have to do now is plant a spaghetti tree :wink:
Ask to Andy :crazy_face: yes this one @MM0FMF

73, Éric

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Hi Ian,

Download the log from sotadata (csv file)
Delete activation in your sotadata log.
Edit the downloaded csv file properly to change incorrect callsign to correct one.
Upload csv file back.

If you need more help send me e-mail.

73, Jarek

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I wouldn’t worry. It’s what you used. It’s what others will have logged.

It’s not the end of the world.

RSLs are needed … but what is more important is that you are identifiable. You very clearly met that requirement!

Using the wrong RSL just the wrong side of the border isn’t going to cause a big investigation from OFCOM! :grin:

Leave it all alone.

I’ll tell you what did cause confusion… when I operated an ON summit from the other side of the border in DL … still in the AZ. So it was all correct :grinning:

“CQ SOTA CQ SOTA DL/M0WML/P summit ON/ON-009 Iverst…” that got a few folk going!


Hence (partly) why I purposely activated G/WB-001 from the English side and GW/SW-041 from the Welsh. An OCD trait I’m afraid, so it had to be the English side for G/SB-004. :grinning:


And of course if it had been G/SB-004 you could have used the call sign GM4OIG if you were close to Jennie Storie’s stone.


Thank you for your helpful responses. I shall, in future, pay more attention to where I actually am!

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