Wrong band in database

I have noticed that some of my 12m contacts are listed in the database as “Microwave”.
I first thought that I made a mistake when creating/importing the files but tracing the problem I found that my logging program rounds the frequency so that CW contacts are still shown as 24.9 MHz while SSB ones on a bit higher frequency are rounded to 25 MHz.
The database then interprets 25MHz as Microwave.

Could this possibly be corrected on the database side? Logically 25MHz is much closer to reality than commonly used designation 24MHz, not to mention a two digit MHz value should not be assigned Microwave value.

Thank you
73 Petr OK1CZ

In reply to OK1CZ:

Ah that’s interesting. That suggests an interesting path through the parsing code when the DB is working on uploaded CSV files. I’ll look into this ASAP as the challenge is ending soon and I’d like the scoring to be accurate so we can figure out who will earn certificates etc.

Petr, can you email me some CSV files you have uploaded so I have something to test any updates. Send them to mm0fmf AT hotmail.com (fix the AT!)

Andy, MM0FMF
Database Manager