Wot no news?

Hi all,
Well after overdosing on Summit/Fell TV what with Mountain, Wainwrights Walks, and the newly discovered Wainwrights Country on ITV, I thought it was high time I checked the news on the ground so to speak, so upon checking the reflector I was dissapointed to see that JUNE was the last news posted, and we are now in August, is there that much going on it takes a long time to publish/edit/write, or is there another reason. I was wondering about stats etc for the past months, or new achievements…
Anyone know whats happening…


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What Crime Wave! have you seen Mick,
Not seen or heard anything lately on the transmitting radio,
And as for tonight it raining cats & dogs here, any one else its sheep droppings, - . - - . -
Steve m0sgb

Mick will call in on Sunday to drop that stuff off :wink:

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Hi Lee

Unfortunately I had crash and wrote off my car. Not badly injured but quite shaken up. I am still trying to sort out insurance, replacement, etc. so have been a bit pre-occupied.

I will try and get something out next week when I get myself sorted.

Glad to see that someone missed the news.


James M0ZZO

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Sorry to hear that James. Makes the ding I got in my door which I’ve been trying to get sorted for 2 weeks seem rather insignificant.


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Sorry to hear about that James, even if your legs had dropped off I still expected the News !!! Hi