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Congratulatios Mike! It’s always a pleasure to hear you on the bands.
73 de Lutz

Mike and I are good friends and we speak all the time on skype and the telephone. I spoke to Mike shortly after he hit 20000 points today. I probably know Mike better than any other sota person and you can take it from me that Mike will now back right off chasing. He said that he will write a report of his time in sota in his next news. He will leave his database entries where they are and will still chase but selectively as as he wishes. He has had enough and I understand how he feels. Unfortunately those of you who have never met Mike get the wrong impression of him. Mike is a gentleman and a true friend always willing to go out of his way to help others and is generous as they come. In my opinion his input to sota has been on a grand scale not just chasing. It is a pleasure to know Mike and to activate with him. He has accepted his medicine and it is now time to leave him alone and post no more negative comments about him. He is sota’s best chaser and deserves better.

Barry 2E0PXW

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Very well done Mike. I echo all the nice comments above.


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Well done Mike !
I also echo all the nice comments above - in the short time I have been taking part in the SOTA program I have had nothing but encouragement and support from Mike in both my chasing and latterly my activations. As far as I am concerned as Barry said, he is a gentleman and always has, in my opinion, behaved in a gentlemany way.
I look forward to hearing and working you Mike many more times in the future.

73 Graham G3OHC

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I know Mike has mentioned taking a
less active chasing role on hitting this score —

And you believed him Andy ??? :frowning:

Roger G4OWG
I very much hope that this post was not misinterpreted - the :frowning: meant it would be a very sad day if Mike gave up chasing. Whatever the very best for the future Mike whatever you decide to do.

Roger G4OWG

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Tremendous achievement!!!

I could always guarantee he would appear when I activated anywhere, and he would always put a spot on if he thought it was needed (unfortunately he can’t do that now so that leaves some of us activators in a possible mess !!!).

Well done Mike.


ps. I can understand why the forum owners could want to stop someone posting comments to the forum, but certainly not why they would stop someone posting spots (unless of course the software isn’t flexible enough), because that doesn’t really affect the “suspended” person, but it does affect everyone else.

Well done Mike - absolute dedication to SOTA and thanks for all the points from your “office” along the way. Keep it up and I hope you will rejoin us back on here in due course.

I won’t be joining another Forum - too much excitement and DXing time wasted following this one. SOTA can be very time consuming and demanding and my daily read of this one takes up to an hour sometimes.

73 and hope to work you next time I activate something


Congratulations Mike and well done.

73 Graham G4JZF

Next pint is on me Mike !!

Congratulations !!


An absolutely outstanding achievement Mike.

Best wishes, Mike G4BLH

Hello to everyone,

I would ask that if anybody with reflector posting ability would cut and paste this whole message into the Sota Reflector for me. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone for their congratulations, both on the sotaforum and the sotawatch reflector.
Your kind words are humbling to say the least, thank you.

Also, thanks to those of you who have emailed me with your congratulations and for your encouragement and support since my exclusion from posting on the reflector. I promise that I will reply to you all in time but the amount of emails is overwhelming.

Thanks again


Barry 2E0PXW

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Well done “what tuck so long” Hi :slight_smile:
Now you have to get out of the sack for some fresh air don’t forget you will need some sort of eye protection and look out for cars they have done away with the red flag.
It tuck me about 3 months to get a seeing people again :slight_smile:
Nice one Mike Well done
Regards Nigel