World Wide Flora and Fauna - YO8SEP/P on Sunday 2014.11.09

On Sunday I wanted to activate YO/EC-055 - Ocolasul Mare. Ocolasul Mare is highest peak (1907m) from Ceahlau National Park and it is a Scientific Reserve. It seems that this flora and fauna reservation was created in 1998 and the access to the peak/area was restricted. The Scientific Reservation Ocolasul Mare

So, I’ve decided to install my antenna outside the reservation and activate as part of WorldWide Flora and Fauna (WWFF / YOFF) program, being inside YOFF-003 zone. (I was about 150m under the peak, so it will not qualify as SOTA)

I’ve started “CQ Flora and Fauna YOFF-003” but because the YOFF reference number is similar with SOTA references some people might have through I was activating SOTA even that I announced a few times that is only WWFF , not SOTA. So, any chaser that worked me on Sunday, the logs will be uploaded to as part of WWFF/YOFF program.


Thank you for letting us all know and understanding the situation.