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Worked needed - UK Summit Pages

Since the UK Ordnance Survey closed down the partly free to users service of OS GetaMap on 31 July 2015 and went across to the new OS Maps Web based subscribed system, all links to OS Get-a-Map from the SOTA UK Summits pages are now leading to a useless link on the OS Maps online mapping homepage.

I know not whether the free of charge links to OS Get-a-Map can be easily removed or made to work with the new OS Maps system, either way it looks like this could take some sorting out for someone with access to the code.

I am just highlighting this issue not volunteering to take on the job…

73 Phil G4OBK

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Whilst it may seem like a big job, the links are generated from a template, i.e. for SOTA-map the template is of the form:


The webserver replaces and when the page is sent to your computer with the right info so when you click the link you pass the summit you want to SOTA maps. It’s the same for all of the map types listed, insert some data into the template. Some take lat&long, or NGR etc. So only the template needs modifying. (Hahahahaha)

The issue is whether you can directly jump to a map view on all the map sites. OS maps offers a map format that’s neither 1:25k or 1:50k for free but the maps that walkers want cost money. Bing maps (Microsoft) offers 1:25k and 1:50k mapping for free but it’s not obvious how to go straight to a map view and Bing applies geolocation to your IP address so non-UK IP addresses cannot access the hi-res OS maps.

Streetmap.co.uk still offers 1:25k mapping and you can enter an NGR in the search box. Again, programmatically jumping to a map view is involved.

If someone wants to figure out the format for any of these sites and post the results then they can be added to the summits page.

Streetmap; http://streetmap.co.uk/grid/201973,600015,115 or http://streetmap.co.uk/grid/201973,600015,120. Really quite easy this one and online instructions http://streetmap.co.uk/idlinkto.htm

Good info Andy & Neil, thanks. I use streetmap.co.uk links on our walking group website to direct members to the start points of led walks. Its good if you can stomach the adverts.

Does anyone know of anything better which would work with the existing template which would provide the 1:25 and 1:50K mapping without all the ads?

73 Phil

Walkhighlands use online mapping down to 25k if you register but 50k if not. Not sure as yet how they do it but there is a limit to the amount of maps downloaded each day. Might be worth while looking at the costs involved with that. I use it quite often along with Streetmap. And as for adverts on Streetmap I can’t say I ever notice them in fact I just had to go look to see for myself - I don’t have them. :smile:


Use Firefox with the add-on Adblock Plus and the basic black-list. A bit of tweaking from time-to -time keeps things tidy.


Andy, Walkhighlands use this for their mapping http://www.the-hug.co.uk/mapping/index.html

And for those that are interested you can create your own free route on this system.

73 Neil