Worked 50++ Summits in 6 days

Just to let those of you who were amazed at me activating summits all over Europe from the 15th to 20th June - about 50 or more it was an error in me uploading my log as a large CSV file to the activator database instead of chaser. I have since deleted all these activator entries which I delayed doing as I thought I might not have to delete each entry one by one but couldn’t find a way to do this so deleted them the hard way.

In reply to M0BKV:

I’ve thought about a user’s bulk delete option.

The issue is not the doing of such a facility but the undoing of its results. I don’t want to receive any emails which say “I have accidentally bulk deleted all my logs since 2005, can you restore them please?”

So yes, you have to do it the hard way. I was going to give the database a poke but you have saved me the job now! :slight_smile:


In reply to MM0FMF: Thanks. It wasn’t really a problem. Each delete took about 3seconds maximum so 50 about 3 mins.