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Work all Belgian SOTA a in one day!



Pierre ON7PC and Fred ON6QR will activate the 8 Belgian SOTAs on Sunday 9th March 2008.
As you can imagine, Belgium is not a High Land: we are close to the Netherland also called Pays-Bas of Lage Land. But as far as the SOTA rules permitted, we have 8 different official summits between 159 m and 694 m reference ON/ON-001 to ON/ON-008. Access to them is not difficult.

Work all Belgian SOTA in one day is not a new award, but rather a challenge.
We will mainly be active in SSB and CW on 80-40 or 20 m always near the SOTA preferred QRG.
Every Belgian SOTA will be active for a short period of time( ±15 min) before heading to the next one.

So look for us between 07h UTC and 18h UTC.

Call: OT4C/P in SSB ± 80 W QSL direct
ON6QR/P in CW QRP (5W) QSL via bureau


In reply to ON6QR:

Nice effort but allow one question:

Every Belgian SOTA will be active for a short period of time( ±15 min)

What happens if people continue to call after the ±15min deadline? Will you close the station or continue for another 15-20min?

Just a question.

73 Norby


Have to agree with Norby.

With the recent succes of SOTA, 15 minutes will be a tight schedule to satisfy everyone


In reply to LX1NO:
Hello Norby, and tks for the reaction.
My answer is:

-some good teams are activating each Belgian SOTA, one after the other, every month or weeks: the chance to work a Belgian SOTA is very high
-this could be a challenge for a OM wishing to work every Bel Sota in one day
-if someone is missing one or more Bel Sota, he can try
-as we want to work all Bel Sota we can not stay much more time
-this is just a challenge for us !

Best 73’s

Fred ON6QR


In reply to ON6QR:

Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense to me not to loose my time looking for you.


73 Norby


In reply to ON6QR:

Work all Belgian SOTA-ref and places in one day !

I think … it will succeed with 2 persons… that makes 4 sota-ref. each man.
But only ± 15 min. QRV… that will be difficult for the chasers.

Perhaps best mentioned all correct activation times in the SOTAwach Alerts refector.

Take notice about next sota-rules:

" The station can be established on a vertical distance of the top of maximun 25 m and a minimun of 4 QSO’s requires. "

In any case success wished and much pleasure, perhaps a video worth on YouTube of these TOP-challenge !



In reply to ON6DSL:
Thank you for the comments Luc.
I do appreciate, coming from one of the most SOTA activator of Belgium.

As mentionned earlier, in order to reach our goal, we can not operate longer, even if we wish to !
I just hope that Chasers will be active early when we start our 1st activation around 07:00 UTC as well as late around 18:00 UTC. Those Chasers will have more chance to make the QSO.

Hopefully, activators teams like yours are present to work a maximum amount of Chasers; and as far as I can read on this forum, we will not reduce the interest of your activations.

We are just heading for another type of challenge.

Best 73’s Fred ON6QR


In reply to ON6DSL:

" The station can be established on a vertical distance of the top of maximun 25 m and a minimun of 4 QSO’s requires. "

You are certainly right but since all 7/8 references I’ve seen are rather flat, staying at the bottom end of the 25m elevation does not really make sense. Either you are at the “peak” or you aren’t on the summit.

Just my 2c
73 Norby


In reply to ON6QR:
Due to personal reasons combined with a bad weather condition, we have to postpone this operation.
I am sorry for the one expecting our activation to grab some more Belgian Sota.

The expected challenge is not dead !
I hope to meet you later on the air

Best 73’s

Fred ON6QR