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Winter wonderland in Bavaria - DL/MF-093

It was a beautiful sunny day on Wednesday 16.01.2019,
after 10 days of snowing here in Bavaria.
Time for SOTA action :sunglasses:
I picked up Andi DF5MA at 13:30z and we drove about 50km to Schliersee.

We were at 15:00z on Schliersbergalm (1061m).

We have expected a lot of snow there, but it was really to much snow.

From this point only with snowshoe!

Sunset shortly before we reached the summit.

And finally reached DL/MF-093 (1264m)

Andi DF5MA/p was QRV on 2m FM and me DJ2MX/p on HF in CW.

Very bad propagation on HF because of very large dead zone :frowning_face:
Only 4 QSO’s on 40m CW and 3 QSO’s extra on 2m FM.

Thank you very much dear chaser!
73 and CU soon from another one
Mario, DJ2MX


Nice report, but - considering the fact that, at the time of your activation and up until two days ago, the Miesbach county, which includes Schliersee, had declared a state of emergency due to the massive snowfall over several days and the avalanche danger in the area was at level 4 - it was a little foolhardy to have attempted the climb on unconsolidated snow at this time. Thankfully, you survived the trip to bring us this report!

What a achivement, sorry about the poor condx on 40 meter. Great story and pictures.
Good luck!

73 de Jaan

Thank you, Mario!
Very beautiful photos.
Nature is so similar to my Southern Urals )
Vlad RX9WT

Servus Rob,

You are absolutely right, but - as you maybe know, Schliersberg DL/MF-093 is a very easy summit and we have
checked the situation before by phone call to Schliersbergalm.

73 und AWDH
Mario DJ2MX