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Winter hats and gloves


If you are looking for some decent, yet bargain priced walking gear you should note that ASDA are selling Thinsulate lined fleecy gloves and hats for £2.50 each. I picked up a pair of the gloves the other day and tested them over the weekend. They certainly did the trick. Brian (G4ZRP) has one of the hats, although his came from Tesco, but it is identical to the ASDA type apart from the name tag. He gives it a big thumbs up and since all his hair migrated to his face he’s more critical on hats that many other people will be.

I find that due to my diabetic poor circulation I need to wear gloves when walking now Summer is gone even if I only need a T-shirt up top. These gloves are lovely and soft but a touch thick to hold a pencil in. I’ve got another pair of Thinsulate gloves that have a waterproof membrane and windblock layer. They’re great but I find my hands get rather sweaty in them when walking. In the fresh breezes over the weekend, there was sufficient airflow through these £2.50 gloves to keep my hands fresh yet still nice and comfortably warm.

At the price it’s hard to go wrong. It’s almost worth keeping a set in the car just in case you ever forget your normal hat/gloves.



In reply to MM0FMF:

… or get stuck in traffic in the Cotswolds on the way to work when there’s the odd millimetre of snow about. Thanks for the tip, Andy. Have you found any full gloves that allow you to hold a pencil properly? I have resorted to fingerless gloves but they are only partially successful. I, too, suffer with very cold hands.

73, Richard


In reply to G4ERP:

Many years ago (about 15), I had a pair of gloves (can only find one now) that I used to do a weekly stock take in a freezer with pencil and pad at -18C. Not sure if this is the manufacturer, but there is a motif on the gloves that reads “Underground Gloves - Release the Pressure”. They were the best things I ever found for writing with in the cold.



In reply to G7ADF:
Hi, Googled,GWCC LTD,or WWW-gloves.net,mentions underground gloves.
73 Geoff,G4CPA.