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Winter bonus, ankle injuries and cabin fever

After a month’s rest and recuperation after twisting/spraining my ankle on Moel Siabod I’m looking forward to getting out on the hills again. I decided to give my ankle a chance to recover better by not walking on it after it hurt so much the day after twisting it. I’ve got a fair few days holiday to take in December and I didn’t want to end up not being able to walk on those days. So no walking in November it was and of course every Saturday and Sunday has been gorgeous walking weather. Just like today, not a breath of wind, no clouds, stunning blue sky and frost everywhere. The ground temperature hasn’t been above 0C and it’s 14:00 now.

Tomorrow marks the start of the Winter bonus and again the WX is predicted as being rather glorious for here. So I need a gentle reintroduction to walking and the hill that fits the bill is Meikle Says Law SS-148. There’s a decent enough track to the summit so nothing too arduous for the ankle. Well there’s no heather and tussock grass to negotiate. I’m just hoping there’ll be enough chasers about with it not being on the weekend. I’d much rather do something more adventurous and also unique but after 4 weeks off with a nasty sprain/twist beggars can’t be choosers. There again Meikle Says Law hasn’t been on the air since I last did it with Brian G4ZRP so it’s reasonably rare itself, especially for the chasers who’ve joined in with SOTA in the last 18months.

If my ankle holds up and I’m not so stupid to push things just for a point, then I’ll have a bash at Spartleton SS-182. That’s just a few minutes drive away and is unique for me. That looks like more of a climb than Meikle Says Law but I’m not sure if there’ll be enough light to do it. We’ll just have to suck it and see. In fact it’s a difficult call between attempting Spartleton or Dirrington Great Law which is also close by. Dirrington is a lovely little lump all on its own and just cries out to be run up whenever you pass by. However, it’s not unique for me and Spartleton is.

I’ve got batteries on charge and boots all cleaned ready. It’s seems so long since I was out I’ve got to check I have everything as it’s easy to get out of the rhythm of getting ready. I’m off for a quick stroll along the lanes now to see how my ankle feels. Hopefully that will confirm I’m OK for tomorrow. I really hope so because the excitement at the thought of being able to get out again is huge. Something I find hard to believe when you consider how many years I spent do as little physical activity as possible.


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Quick change of plan. There’s a fair amount of snow lying here and I don’t think driving so far up some fairly isolated roads makes too much sense, especially when the start point is on a minor road off a minor B-road and itself is 401m ASL. So I switched to Black Mount which is nearby and just off a main road. That will make travel easier. I’ve done Black Mount twice, so it doesn’t help the uniqosity score at all, but it’s a nice place when it’s frozen solid. The same amount of climbing, except unlike Meike Says Law you don’t start the climb by descending 260ft!