Winter activity weekend 7. / 8.February 2009

The weekend 7. / 8. February in Germany winter-activity weekend. We please ourselves that also Slovenien winter-activity will enforce. We hope friends for good weather and good participation with SOTA and GMA friends
It is BBT activities in the Alps and DARC Winterfieldday on VHF furthermore.
Matthias DL1JMS

In reply to DL1JMS:

Also in Czech Republic will be this sunday, 8. February, “Winter QRP Contest” on UHF/VHF. 432MHz: 9-11UTC, 144MHz: 11-13UTC. Contest Manager is OK1DOM ( So I hope also here in OK will be some stations on the bands/summits.

73, Pavel OK1MCS

In reply to DL1JMS:

I shall be in Bettmeralp, Switzerland from 8-14 February.
Hoping to activate Reiderhorn VS-111 and possibly Eggishorn VS-110, all weather permitting! Activity mainly 40m CW but will listen also on VHF.
I do not ski but hoping to reach summits by hiking/cablecar - any advice from local HB9 stations welcome!

73s de Peter (HB9)/G3TJE +

In reply to G3TJE:
hello Peter,
Welcome to HB land.
I am writing with some info to your QRZ - e mail…
73 cu kurt HB9AFI